Electrical Mats

Deep jyoti Pvt. Ltd. offers a wide run in Electrical Mats which are fabricated out of great characteristic elastic compound. Our electrical separating mats are formed utilizing electrical safe elastomer which incorporates elastic and elastomeric compound. They are utilized as floor coverlet around electrical panels. These Electrical Mats are accessible in different characteristics: enduring, dimensionally accurate, effortlessly accessible. Our mats are proved to be very useful to ensure complete safety in performing any type of electrical operation like transmission or distribution. These mats assured our clients the authenticity as these mats are manufactured using latest technology.

Electrical Mats are used in many industrial plants and factories to protect against electrical shocks. We generally get quality raw material from the responsible dealers in the business sector for designing an extensive variety of stuff. These mats are increased in value by the customers owing to their premium quality, sturdiness, synthetic safety and simple flexibility.


Used as floor covering by safety conscious organizations for the protection of workers on high and low voltage installations auto b66KV ac and 240V dc , where human safety is a prime concern. Safety from electrical shock is required for workmen whether they are involved in electricity generation, transmission, distribution or its use. Poly Electro safe Mat are highly recommended for total safety of workmen from electrical shock when working in or around environment like :

Switch Rooms

AC Plant Rooms

Power Transformer Rooms

LT & HT Labs

Generator Rooms

All kind of Electrical Substations

Lift Machine Rooms

Electrical Panels

X-Ray Plant Rooms

Around Bus Bars


Made from Highly Electrical resistant Elastomers, free from any insertions (includes rubbers, latex and Elastomeric compound that may be natural or synthetic or a mixture or a combination of both)


Upper surface of the mat having small anti-skid aberration marks (rough surface, without edges) to avoid slippery effects and the lower surface is plain.


Sizes are 1mtr x 2mtr or long length

Thickness as per classification & designation


Red/ Blue/ Green or any other without metal derivatives.

Working Temperature

-10°C to 55°C

Salient Features of the Mats

Switch Rooms

Low Leakage Current

Flame Retardant

Insulation Resistant with water

Low Temperature Resistant

Easy to install, can be posted

Acid/Alkalis & Oil Resistant

Technical Specifications


Red / Blue / Green or any other without metal derivatives.

Sr. Class of Mat Thickness(mm) Tolerance(%) ac(rms)kV dc(rms)V
1. A 2.00 ± 10 3.3 240
2. B 2.50 ± 10 11 240
3. C 3.00 ± 10 33 240
4. D 3.50 ± 10 66 240

Electrical Properties & Voltage Test*
Sr. Class of Mat Thickness(mm) Di-electric Strength ac (rms) kV Proof Voltage ac (rms) kV
1. A 2.00 30 10
2. B 2.50 45 22
3. C 3.00 65 36
4. D 3.50 110 70